Friday, June 26, 2009

Picture Perfect Friday ~ Favorite Past Picture Perfect Post ~

I don't have many great pictures I would love to re-post but here is one I love
Picture taken this pass winter
Not much editing with the color was done the picture was very much like that.

This is Week 2 of our Competition

Heather is our host

with the assistance of Cherie!!


The theme this week is:

D i s o r d e r e d

Ruffled disturbed

unfinished and unplanned

I think on my feet

for more Picture perfect

rules & regulation

On The Mist Of The Winter

The Disordered snows
blows disproportionally
in the mist of winter
And... I
admittedly lost and weary
in the mist of winter

Camera Olympus


Winter 2009

RECORD COLD feels like -40 below 0

Friday, June 12, 2009

Picture Perfect ~ Light

This week Cherie is the Host
Its incredible the things we take from granted
Until we have to do with out then, electricity is one of then. In the early 17 hundred people depend mostly on the light of the candles.

Taken with my Taken with my Kodak Z740 easy share

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Picture Perfect the letter B

Its the time again, time to share, time to travel in cyberspace , to see and appreciated.
This week its the Letter be
there is nothing much about this picture But I like the angle I almost lay in the street floor to take this picture.
Milwaukee Wisconsin

sky scraper

I used my Kodak easy share