Friday, December 11, 2009


I live in a town with real winter where School is often cancelled, down jackets and scarves are excavated from the backs of closets, snowmen are built, and hot chocolate is sipped by the warmth of a fire, below-zero temperatures and several feet of snow on the ground are the norm for many months of the year.
My family living in Florida often ask me, How do you survive? Its easy " It's what we know here as normal," Its all about keeping warm. But living in a place with a harsh winter comes with its fair share of challenges. But... One thing's for sure: when temperatures drop the fun start, whether your passion is skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, ice skating or snow shoeing.
Ice fishing is huge around the Michigan lake. In some areas, fish houses are grouped together on lakes to form driving lanes, creating what appear to be fish house "cities." "Some of the ice fishing houses are tricked out rather nicely with heaters, televisions, microwave ovens and bars. Some of these guys will sit out there for days and cut a hole in the ice, and actually, I think they get less fishing than drinking done. At school the children have outdoor recess until the temperature is 20 below zero. If it drops any further, the principal declares recess indoors and the children spend their break in the library or the gymnasium.
Life goes on pretty normally We're still got to basketball games and concerts, and people are still out shopping and go out to dinner. It's just like anywhere else; you just have to dress a little warmer.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow...