Saturday, October 15, 2011


Chilly con carne is a Mexican dish but it is so popular in USA that I think is as American as the Corn Dog.
I think The popularity of the dish is due to how fast and easy is to prepare it, beside being a filling and tasty dish.
I know that most of you know how to make chilly con carne dish, and this country do not need another chilly con carne recipe. What I am trying to teach you is how to simplified cooking.
Year ago I read a recipe book , "How to cook and prepare, Chinese food" I don't remember the name of the Author, but you do not find a single recipe in the book only methods and ways of cooking, that teach me to be practical when cooking anything, to improvised and substitute.
I had seen people with a recipe books going crazy because they can't find a particular ingredient needed for a particular recipe. People... improvise! In a case of being out of onions, on a recipe that call for onions I have skip the onions and double in other ingredients like garlic and peppers, the recipe has been equally delicious. I think that the more relax about cooking you are the better the taste. Notice: how those recipes, you have learn to prepare. always comes out tasting good.
I have been in situations where a recipe that call for meat, need a substitute (some people don't eat meat) with zuquini,

eggplants, pumpkin or green beans, it is healthy and a delicious vegetarian dish, perfect for those in a diet,low protein,or low calories.
Remember that food is about ingredients, methods and love. Make cooking a delightful experience for those around you, get then involve in the process.
For example I get Dion involve by asking him to help me prepare, get me the eggs, and the milk, out the fridge, I also let him beat certain ingredients, I also let him taste and express his opinion After all he will be eating it.
All you cook should have your signature, one of my signature when cooking meat is to add a bit (very small amount) of nutmegs.
I find that it enhances the flavor of the meat. (I usually keep this to myself, like a secret ingredient).When cooking tomatoes sauce a hint of sugar kill the acid, adding a bit of sugar in the vinegar, made those vinaigrette's dressing taste delicious and kill the acid as well
Don't be afraid to experiment. I also love to stew my meat in a cast iron pot, it is my believed that it give a better taste and slower cooking proses to the meat. Its good to cure my cast iron pot by scrubbing the pot with salt and then burn it, now remember this is not a fact but a believe.
PS: if you still like another CHILLY CON CARNE RECIPE, just let me know.
I also have a recipe for Calabazita Rellenas (Stuff pumpkin) that I may post if ask for.